I love taking pictures… I love how the light plays on my subject…
I love telling a story through my camera’s lens.


My passion has taken me to places I would have never seen, introduced me to people I would have never met, and fulfilled me in ways I couldn’t have imagined.

Everybody always asks me if I grew up taking pictures, if I always knew I wanted to be a photographer.
The answer is no, and as I like to tell it… pause, I became a photographer because… I couldn’t draw!  

It always works as a punch line but really, I was a mediocre art student and yet as a photographer, ah… I had found my calling.

I studied at the Rochester Institute of Technology and landed in NYC after graduation, fumbling my way through a series of assisting jobs and often wondering if I had made the right careen decision. These photographers were my mentors and through their patience and inspiration I found a footing and built an exciting and amazing career (I also managed to have two great kids during this time).

I have juggled early call times with after-school activities, location shoots with PTA meetings and bad weather with temper tantrums.

I would not change a thing. I am blessed.